Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valentine's Idea with Pink Cake Plate

Hi In The Looop Peeps!! I am so excited to be here today!! I am Laura and I blog at Pink Cake Plate. My blog is a "jackie -of-all-trades-master-of-none" kinda blog!! I love to share recipes, crafts and product reviews!! I was on "Twitter" the other day and that is when I came across the invitation to do a guest post here!! In The Looop is looking for more of us to guest post here, so contact them!!!! I would love to see what you have to share!! 

 I love In The Looop website!! It is so full of talented bloggers with fantastic ideas! I am always amazed at the fantastic projects that are shared at In The Looop. I was asked to share a Winter/Valentines craft so this is what I came up with! You can search for crafts on In The Looop by using the Winter and Valentines tags!! 

 Here is what you need: 


 4 tall candles~I found mine at Dollar Tree 2 sheets vellum or transparent scrapbook paper 8"x11" Edge punch-this is optional Elmers CraftBond™ Permanent Tape Runner or any other double sided tape self adhesive Scrapbook bling Printer I have created the letters in PDF format simply click on the letters and save to your computer! l-o v-e The graphics I used are from Rhonna Farrar!! You can find more of her delicious digital art HERE! Step one: Print letters on your scrapbook transparent paper.

 Cut letters apart horizontally at the 6.5" measuremen.


 Take the edge punch and punch the top and the bottom of the paper.

Wrap the paper around the candle and secure in the back with the double sided tape.


 Now take your bling and add the sparkle!!! 

See how pretty they look!!


 There you have it!! Easy and pretty Valentines Candles!!

Total cost was about $6.00!! 
 Thanks so much for having me here!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Crafts

Wow, it's been a while, huh? I hope you haven't given up on In the Looop. We are still here and still plan on posting and really hope to continue to grow! We continue to receive emails from people interested in invitations. Just to remind you, this site is invitation only because we want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best ideas and tutorials. Please keep handing out those invitations! The more fabulous creative spirits we have, the more fantastic ideas you will get! 

Here are few great ideas that have been tagged in the featured spotlight, "Christmas". . .


Soda Pop Printables by Lil' Luna.


Window Ornament Holder by Diamond in the Stuff.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath by Lolly Jane


Burlap Christmas Art from A Glimpse Inside

yarn ball wreath

Yarn Ball Wreath by Cherished Bliss

Nativity Themed Artwork from The V Spot

Chocolate Saltine Toffee by Pink Cake Plate

These are just a few of the fabulous ideas you'll find in the featured spotlight "Christmas" at In the Looop. Keep linking up and keep handing out those invitations members! In the Looop would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cute Falloween Gift Idea from Domestic Anarchy

Today In The Looop would like to introduce you to one of our members, Maddie, of Domestic Anarchy. Today she will be sharing a project that she linked up to this season's featured tag, "Falloween." 

 Hi everyone,  first off thanks so much to the ~In the Looop~ team for inviting me to guest post. I am always thrilled to be able to pass on my message of  embracing Creative Homemaking so am really happy to be here to day to share this project with you! It was hard to pick but I think you will like this project and you can have it done in under 1/2 an hour if you happen to have some full-sheet label paper on hand.

While some days have the time for more entailed projects some times you just want to fast "crafty-win" that gives you that little boost and makes for a fun and quick project. Combine that with Falloween and you have a winner with this Winsome Witch Wine Label.

To start off you will need to download the wine label image I have created for you. You can find it here. Next you will need 1 piece of full sheet label paper. I try to always keep this on hand since it makes printing off custom projects a snap!

Print the wine label file making sure to use your best ink setting for a really sharp image. When done and the image has dried cut out one of the labels making sure to round the corners for a professional look.

Pick a bottle of wine with a label smaller than the one I have provided, this should be pretty easy. Do not attempt to remove the attached label, just smooth your Winsome Witch label over the one that is already there.

Don't worry that your hostess will not know what is really in the bottle, the back of all wine bottles restates the type of wine and the maker.  Carefully smooth the label around the bottle, and add a bow.. it's that easy!

Of course you could go a little crazy and add a  plastic spider or a burlap rose, but when time is short.. go with what you have on hand.. it will be fine!

Do remember that this label is meant for red wine only, white wine bottles tend to get wet from the condensation and that will ruin your label.

I think this label would also be really cute used on a wooden wine crate.. if you do that please make sure to send me a photo!
Maddie @

Thanks so much to Maddie for sharing this adorable idea! If you haven't checked out the Falloween projects, be sure to do so. Also, don't forget to tag ANY fall/Halloween projects you have uploaded with the Falloween tag to be included in the spotlight!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Falloween" is in the Air!

Good-bye summer and hello fall! The days are getting shorter and the temperatures a little cooler. Bright summer colors are being replaced with the vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. Yes, fall is in the air and crafters are gettin' busy creating fantastic fall and Halloween decor. In The Looop members have been busy linking up their seasonal projects.

To showcase fall and Halloween ideas, our Featured Tag Spotlight for the months of September and October will be "Falloween."
If you are not sure where to find the Featured Tag projects, look on the right sidebar of the In The Looop homepage or click here. *Members, if you have already added your fall or Halloween projects, be sure to add the tag "Falloween" to be included in the spotlight!*

Here are a few In the Looop members' projects in the "Falloween" spotlight.

Fabric-wrapped fall wreath from The 36th Avenue.

 Punk-in (hahaha) from The V Spot.

Spooky Eyeball Wreath from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Monogrammed Fall Wreath from Scissors & Spatulas.

For more fabulous "Falloween" projects, stop by In the Looop

*A few notes to ITL members*  
  • Keep adding your fantastic projects. Be sure to add tags and, if appropriate, include the featured spotlight tag. You are able to go back and add these tags to previously posted projects. 
  • Also be sure to check your invitations tab at the top of the page! You should have a few to give away! Please hand out these invitations to your creative friends or anyone you think deserves one! The more members, the more projects. The more projects, the more inspiration! 
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Ideas!

Can you believe the summer is winding down and school is starting again already?! There have been fabulous back to school ideas all over the Blogosphere. Thanks so much to the In the Looop members who linked up their back to school projects to the new "Featured Tag Spotlight." Thanks also to the non-members who sent in projects! But surely there is more out there! Members, you can continue to link your projects with the tag "back to school" until the next  featured tag is announced.  Here are just a few. Be sure to check out more at In the Looop!

What better way to kick off back to school than with a party for the little ones?

 Dukes and Duchesses did. You must stop by to see this adorable party! Very cute and clever details.

And if you have a back to school party, you'll need invitations.

Chrissy of Hoot Designs has the perfect idea for that!

We all need a wreath for every season and holiday.

So why not have one for back to school? Thanks Rebecca, from Freckles Crafts for sending in this idea!
No matter what grade, all students need pencils.

Why send them with the boring yellow ones when you can make them beautiful with fabric? Omiyage created these fabric-covered pencils with Mod Podge.

Make sure your kiddos have a good place to do their homework.

Natalie at Johnny in a Dress refinished and old desk to create this fun chalkboard desk. This would be great for scribbling numbers while solving math problems!

Chalkboards are also great for little ones learning to write their letters and even for older ones learning to write in cursive.

Many people are painting their walls with chalkboard paint. This chalkboard, found at Sparkle, can easily be rolled up and tucked away when it's not being used.

How can you and your child be sure they are ready for the next school day?

The 36th Avenue has the solution with these back to school charts. Brilliant!

And finally, because we love them or feel the need to do a little brown-nosing, a couple of cute gifts for the others who care for our children.

Gifts for teachers

An adorable "School's In/Out" sign for the teacher by How Does She.

Don't forget the bus drivers! Give yours this cute gift from Sassy Sites.

Remember to head over to In the Looop to see more and to link up your back to school projects!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanted: Back to School Projects!

It's back to school time again! Depending on where you live, your summer might be over, or you may still have a few weeks left. Either way, everyone is busy checking off that supply list and finding the perfect outfit for the first day. And of course the creative geniuses (that would be you all) are all thinking up and creating adorable back to school crafts, snacks and gifts.

If you are a member of In the Looop, head over to the home page to submit your project* and be sure to use the tag "Back to School."
 Not a member yet? Submit your project (direct link) to
But don't wait! Submit your project now!
In the Looop Blog will feature several projects submitted by both members and non-members Monday, August 22!
Can't wait to see whatcha got!

*Members will be allowed to submit one extra project this week for the featured category. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check Out In the Loop Blog!

We finally have the ITL blog up and running! From now on, most updates and announcements will be made on the blog rather than via email. Please subscribe to the blog to get the latest updates to keep you In the Looop! Don't forget that you can Tweet, Facebook or blog about In the Looop for extra invitations to give to your friends! Just let us know that you did and we'll send them your way! Also, You don't forget that you can post 10  projects when you join ITL. After ten you will be allowed one per week. You will receive an email reminder when you are able to post again. Please keep linking up! So far the projects and members have been outstanding! Our goal is to make this site a place where people can come to find the best crafts online without having to search and filter. If you are a member, don't forget to grab a button! 

Thank you so much for your membership and participation!
The first post will go up this weekend and it's one you won't want to miss! We plan on launching the new site and blog with a contest and a giveaway!