Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cute Falloween Gift Idea from Domestic Anarchy

Today In The Looop would like to introduce you to one of our members, Maddie, of Domestic Anarchy. Today she will be sharing a project that she linked up to this season's featured tag, "Falloween." 

 Hi everyone,  first off thanks so much to the ~In the Looop~ team for inviting me to guest post. I am always thrilled to be able to pass on my message of  embracing Creative Homemaking so am really happy to be here to day to share this project with you! It was hard to pick but I think you will like this project and you can have it done in under 1/2 an hour if you happen to have some full-sheet label paper on hand.

While some days have the time for more entailed projects some times you just want to fast "crafty-win" that gives you that little boost and makes for a fun and quick project. Combine that with Falloween and you have a winner with this Winsome Witch Wine Label.

To start off you will need to download the wine label image I have created for you. You can find it here. Next you will need 1 piece of full sheet label paper. I try to always keep this on hand since it makes printing off custom projects a snap!

Print the wine label file making sure to use your best ink setting for a really sharp image. When done and the image has dried cut out one of the labels making sure to round the corners for a professional look.

Pick a bottle of wine with a label smaller than the one I have provided, this should be pretty easy. Do not attempt to remove the attached label, just smooth your Winsome Witch label over the one that is already there.

Don't worry that your hostess will not know what is really in the bottle, the back of all wine bottles restates the type of wine and the maker.  Carefully smooth the label around the bottle, and add a bow.. it's that easy!

Of course you could go a little crazy and add a  plastic spider or a burlap rose, but when time is short.. go with what you have on hand.. it will be fine!

Do remember that this label is meant for red wine only, white wine bottles tend to get wet from the condensation and that will ruin your label.

I think this label would also be really cute used on a wooden wine crate.. if you do that please make sure to send me a photo!
Maddie @

Thanks so much to Maddie for sharing this adorable idea! If you haven't checked out the Falloween projects, be sure to do so. Also, don't forget to tag ANY fall/Halloween projects you have uploaded with the Falloween tag to be included in the spotlight!

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